Engagement Rings: Shopping Together

Maybe he proposed in the moment without a ring. Or maybe he knows you’d love to help pick it out.

Proposal Do’s & Don’ts

This list of advice will change everything! Get your proposal right.

5 Engagement Ring Myths

This will probably blow your mind.

How To Drop Ring Hints

You’re the type of girl that knows what you want: So let’s start dropping some hints to get things rolling!

Fall: The Ultimate Engagement Season

It’s finally fall! Yes, we love summer, but as crisp autumn rolls in we delight in crunching leaves, warm drinks, and… marriage proposals!

The Perfect Ring for a Second Marriage

Life is complicated, and we totally get that. You may be shopping for the second engagement ring in your life, and your feeling lost, weird, and kind of awkward.

QUIZ: What Wedding Will You Have?

Take the quiz to see what kind of wedding you’ll have!

Reasons Why A Girl Can Propose to Her Man

How do we feel about the lady proposing? We say…YES!

Summer: Our Favorite Engagement Season

It’s finally here! Bring on the vacation, sun, and maybe diamond rings? Check out why we love summer engagements.

3 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Whether it’s time to show your mom how much she means to you, or you’re looking to give your special lady a ‘thank you’ for all that she does for your children, we’ve got some awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas!

QUIZ: Are You Ready to Get Engaged?

Are you ready to get engaged? Take this quiz to find out!

Cheesy Engagement Traditions That We Actually Love

We know that in 2016, some engagement traditions are a little dated. But that doesn’t mean we don’t secretly still love them! Here’s a few that maybe you can relate to…

Q & A: Her Wedding Band

What’s the deal with wedding bands? We’ve got answers to all of your questions!

QUIZ: Where Will He/She Propose?

Take the quiz to find out where your big moment will happen!

The Claddagh Ring

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

6 Ways to Keep Your Ring Budget

It’s not uncommon to get a little sticker shock from checking out ring displays. In fact, you may have started wondering if would be cheaper to stay single!?

Spring: The Perfect Engagement Season

You may be thinking that spring is the perfect time to get engaged. We’ve come to that very conclusion, and here’s why!

QUIZ: Which Gemstone Are You?

Dislike your birthstone? Then this quiz is for you. Find out what gemstone you REALLY are.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Don’t let anyone tell you that proposing on Valentine’s Day is too cliche.

Colored Gemstone Guide

Gemstones are an elegant way of bringing a personal style and customization to an engagement ring. Check out this Colored Gemstone Guide, featuring our own collection of gemstone rings!

Rings Size Hacks

Okay, you’ve been looking at engagement rings, and you’ve finally sorted out the difference between princess cuts and cluster styles. But there’s a major point you forgot.

QUIZ: What is your Wedding Color Palette?

Wondering what kind of colors to use for your special day? Take the quiz!

Men’s Wedding Rings

When it comes to picking out a band, the dudes can have just as much fun as the ladies and their diamonds.

QUIZ: Which Engagement Ring METAL Are You?

Rose gold? Platinum? Which metal fits you the best? Take the quiz to find out!

Top Engagement Trends of 2015

Happy New Year! With 2016 fast approaching, we’re looking back at the top engagement trends of 2015.

Star Wars: “I love you” “I know”

Check out this geek-tastic Star Wars ring set:

QUIZ: Which Engagement Ring Are You?

[qzzr quiz=”142545″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″] MORE QUIZZES: What Is Your Wedding Color Pallete? Which Gemstone Are You? Which Engagement Ring Metal Are You?

Caring for Your Engagement Ring

We know you want to keep your ring shiny, so try these tips for caring for your engagement ring!

Limited Time Only: Pink Diamond Rings

For a limited time only, we have two pink diamond rings in store, now!

Christmas Proposals Are In The Air

We had a gentleman come in this week to pick up his custom designed engagement ring. We were his first errand stop of the day, since his next stop was to shop for a Christmas Tree ornament ring box. We can’t share his name, since…

Janice & Walt

Today I met Janice and Walt.

Pre-Owned Everything

We live in a day and age where with a click of button we can purchase some one else’s toe jam and have it mailed within the hour.

Best Movie Proposals of All Time

Are you ready to see the best movie proposals of all time? After you read this list, you’re going to have to do a major Netflix binge.

The Origins of Wedding Traditions

Ever wonder why you’ve been planning like crazy to incorporate these traditions into your wedding day? Check out these strange stories!

7 Ways To Propose: Pros & Cons

Need some help with your proposal planning? We’ve got a list of the do’s and dont’s for some popular proposal ideas.

12 Signs It’s Time to Propose

How can you know when it’s time to Propose? These 12 signs may help you figure out where you are on the engagement front.

What They Want in a Ring

Let’s take the mind game out of ring shopping. Let’s throw the pressure, and stress, and intimidation out the window, and focus on the real perspectives of couples and their rings.

David & Shanequa: Premier Memories

It was clear from the moment that David and She sat down for their interview that I was in for a story filled with love.

Cutest Proposal Ever: Premier Memories

We love listening to 103.3KFR! I’m sure you’ve heard Dana Marshall on the air, and this month we’ve been helping him with a plan.

What You Need to Know About Diamonds

“A diamond’s job is to sparkle” When it comes to shopping for diamonds, the biggest questions should be: What do I actually need to care about?

Tom & Jen’s Story: Premier Memories

Tom and Jen Collins radiate the kind of contentment only true love fosters. The two met in high school and they shared an instant connection. They spent their teenage years going to football games, attending prom, and spending every day in each others’ company. Unfortunately,…

Wedding Venues You Need to Check Out in Greater Battle Creek

Welcome to wedding planning 101. It seems like an endless search to find somewhere close, affordable, and that also accommodates (ALL) your needs.

My Mother’s Diamonds

When Becca came in today, I figured she was in the process of getting married. I didn’t realize that she was getting married…TOMORROW.

5 Ways to Choose Her Ring

It’s time. You’re ready for that big step, and now you have to find the ring. Now let the panic set in. Because let’s be real, there are so many options, and the choices, (not to mention prices) for engagement rings can be totally overwhelming.

Congrats to Jess and Michael

Most proposal stories start with a ring, but Jess and Michael’s start with a photo… of a ring.

Welcome to the New Premier Jewelers

Welcome to our new and improved website! We have been making a lot of changes, both online and in the store.