Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Don’t let anyone tell you that proposing on Valentine’s Day is too cliche.

Not only is it romantic, it will make future Valentine’s Days easy to celebrate- since it will be your engagement anniversary!

Here are some aw-worthy proposal ideas for your Valentine’s Day proposal:

1. Candy Hearts

You know the ones. They taste a little chalky, but remain a classic. Create a trail of candy conversation hearts from the front door to the ring box. Maybe go all out and place the ring in a pile of hearts.

2. And the Vase

Want it to be a total surprise? Give her the usual Valentine’s bouquet of roses, and hide the ring box where she keeps her vases. When she opens the cabinet to grab a vase, get down on one knee- she won’t see it coming!

3. Be Mine

Craft her an old-school Valentine, glitter and stamps included. Wait until she is reading it before you pull out the ring. When she looks up, she’ll realize what you really meant by “be mine”!

4. Special Day

Plan a fabulous Valentine’s Day date, but end it with a proposal. The two of you will remember the whole day forever, since it was packed with a perfect beginning, middle, and end.

5. Extra Bling

Surprise her at dinner with a jewelry-related gift, like a diamond pendent, or set of diamond earrings. Afterwards, tell her you have something to match, and then place the ring on her finger. You’re sure to get a ‘yes’!


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