Privacy Policy

As you browse Premier Jewelers and other websites, online ad networks we work with may place anonymous cookies on your computer, and use similar technologies, in order to understand your interests based on your (anonymous) online activities.

Cookies are nothing more than tiny bits of text stored on your PC by your web browser, containing information set by web sites such as your session token, user preferences, or anything else that the web site needs to keep track of you from one request to the next. Once the web site has asked your browser to set the cookie, the next time your browser opens a new request to the server—clicking a link to a page, adding an item to your cart, or even loading an image—your browser will send that cookie back to the web site that set the cookie.

Access to these browser cookies is then granted by Premier Jewelers to third party ad services, who specialize in the utilization of the cookies on your computer in order to tailor advertisements that are more relevant to your browsing interests.

If you do not wish to receive such tailored advertising, you can visit this page to opt out of most companies that engage in such advertising. (This will not prevent you from seeing ads; the ads simply will not be delivered through these targeting methods.) You may also customize your browser window by opening: a “new incognito window” if you are using Google Chrome, a “new private tab” if you are using Firefox, or a “New Private Window” in Safari by Clicking on the File menu and selecting private window.

Should you decide to submit any personal information to Premier Jewelers via our website, you can be assured that your information is safe do to our secure processing server (https://) when we collect your information. For more information on our secured processing server, click here.