Colored Gemstone Guide

Gemstones are an elegant way of bringing a personal style and customization to an engagement ring. Check out this Colored Gemstone Guide, featuring our own collection of gemstone rings!


ruby (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Undying passion

Birthstone: July

Did you know that a ruby is actually a red sapphire? Not many people do. Ancient people hypothesized that rubies were hardened fire, which is why the ruby is so often associated with passion and love.


sapphire (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Faithfulness & Wisdom

Birthstone: September

Sapphires come in many different colors, with blue being the most popular choice. Sapphires actually rate second highest when it comes to toughness- and are therefore a good alternative to diamonds when choosing a stone to withstand wear and tear.


peridot (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Strength

Birthstone: August

The peridot is often overshadowed by emeralds, and yet the stone has beautiful yellow and green hues. Peridot is considered the stone of the warrior, and is associated with courage and strength. The stone looks great on all types/colors of skin.

Blue Topaz

topaz (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Healing & Growth

Birthstone: December

There are a few different types of topaz. The clear blue color of the blue topaz is the best pairing to a diamond. The two stones compliment each other well, and if your swinging for a smaller diamond, a blue topaz is a great addition

Mystic Topaz

mystic topaz (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Kindness

Birthstone: November

The mystic topaz is a style of coated topaz. The rainbow sheen from the topaz creates a mysterious and brilliant reflection of rainbow coloring. This stone is a unique and creative choice for a ring.


garnet (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Hope

Birthstone: January

The garnet comes in brilliant shades of red and pink. Garnets symbolize hope and virility, and they are also a less expensive stone to work with. The garnet is also thought to ward off bad dreams.


amthyst (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Calm & Balance

Birthstone: February

The amethyst is famous for it’s uniquely purple hues. The stone represents calm and balance in a relationship, and is also the patron gem for sobriety. An amethyst looks great cut in many different ways, like the heart shape pictured above.


pearl (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Harmony & Purity

Birthstone: June

While a pearl engagement ring may seem like a non-traditional choice, historically the peal was a popular engagement gift. Natural pearls are rare and vary in price.


emerald (1 of 1)

Engagement Symbol: Devotion

Birthstone: May

Emeralds are a brilliant stand-alone stone, and are a popular choice for single stone engagement rings. They traditionally symbolize intelligence and devotion within a relationship.


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