5 Ways to Choose Her Ring

It’s time. You’re ready for that big step, and now you have to find the ring.

Now let the panic set in. Because let’s be real, there are so many options, and the choices, (not to mention prices) for engagement rings can be totally overwhelming.

So, here is a hot list of 5 things that will help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

1. Play Detective.

Okay, time for some snooping. Go check out her Pinterest. She may not keep a wedding section, but you can be sure she’s got some style choices on there. Does she have a Tumblr? Creep away, my friend, those moving Gifs may hold the key to finding her favorite ring.

2. What is Her Style?

What color is her favorite sweatshirt? Does the furniture in her apartment match? No piece of her life is without style, so try to pinpoint some things you notice. Round or square? Loud or simple? You can find these attributes in what she wears or what she displays. Example: If she wears vintage clothes, look at some classic yellow gold antique rings. If she binge watches Gossip Girl and loves her heels, maybe princess style is the way to go.

3. Color

Just like clothes or makeup, different metals look better on different complexions. Pale skin accents yellow gold, or rose gold, whereas darker skin tones may match with a white gold band. No clue? Try to note what kind of metal she usually picks out to wear; she’ll know which colors she prefers.

4. Detail

The uniqueness of the ring is all in the detail. Do you keep track of your special dates? Have a special song? Engraving a ring with something personal could be a great solution to creating something unique for her to have. Something personal says even more than a bigger diamond. (And it may save your wallet some sweating).

5. You Can Customize

We know there are 1000 things you love about her. You can design a ring that can include ALL of her traits. Don’t sweat it. Start making a list and go from there.

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