Rings Size Hacks

Okay, you’ve been looking at engagement rings, and you’ve finally sorted out the difference between princess cuts and cluster styles.

But there’s a major point you forgot.

What is her ring size?!

How could you know that? You don’t even know how tall she is. Well, fear not, we have a some ring sizing hacks for you.

1. Steal a ring she has

A ring you know already fits her is a perfect solution. Snag the ring, run it to the jewelers store, and there you go! Sized.

2. But she only takes it off to shower…

No worries, you can still be sneaky. Nab it while she’s still in the shower, and imprint it in a bar of soap. OR you could trace the inside and outside of the ring on a piece of paper. Yeah, that may be a little easier to hide.

3. Ask her mom

Or her best friend, sister, brother, or aunt. Chances are, someone has tried to buy her a ring before, or at least knows her sizes. But you’re risking her momma finding out first, so make sure they’re in on the surprise.

4. Measure while she’s sleeping

This may be getting on the creepy side, but if you mark a string around the finger and then measure that, your golden.

5. Ask her like a ninja

If you follow her around the mall long enough, she’ll stop at a display and start trying on stuff. Pay attention if she picks up a ring, and maybe casually ask which one fits her best.


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