Pre-Owned Everything

We live in a day and age where with a click of button we can purchase some one else’s toe jam and have it mailed within the hour.

It may seem like a faux pas to have anything to do with used items for your wedding day, but for newly weds, starting a new life together requires a lot more than just commitment; you need the funding.

Most couples are looking into buying a house, or taking a honeymoon, or even just steeling themselves to take on the debt of their new partners. The wedding trends that lean toward more shabby than chic aren’t a disaster: it’s what has to be done so that the happy couple can enjoy their first few months of marriage without worrying about finances.

So, here are some great ideas to turn your wedding from a budget heart attack into a thrifty party.

Pre-Owned Rings

Don’t flip. We know you want the symbol of your love to be constant reminder of how unique your relationship is. But you can still cherish that sparkle and save a few THOUSAND by purchasing a used set of rings. It doesn’t even matter if someone else wore that engagement ring, chances are that even if you buy a new ring from the mall, you’re getting a diamond and setting from another ring anyway! There’s plenty of choices, and diamonds aren’t cheap.

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

With websites like or you can shop for the perfect dress without compromising. All of these sites include categories, prices, and locations, so you can pick exactly what you’re looking for. Brides are now finding it almost less stressful to choose this way, since the classic wedding dress boutique can overwhelm newly engaged shoppers.

Pre-Owned Decorations

Yes, you can buy someone’s mason jars to compliment your flower pick. At the end of your reception, you’re ready to drift into your fabulous honey moon period- except you’re stuck with 35 lace covered centerpieces you have no room in the garage for. There is a hope! You could sell it! Which means you can buy it! In fact, most cities have Facebook Pages dedicated to the buying and selling of wedding decorations. It makes it affordable, and you can even figure out design choices with the help of your own little wedding community.

Pre-Owned Husbands

Just kidding. But I guess if he’s divorced, it works!


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