Janice & Walt

Today I met Janice and Walt.

They told their story together, finishing each other’s sentences. They both had families, jobs, and a full past.

It wasn’t long after they met online that Janice and Walt were talking every day. “It felt like we were preparing for this moment our whole lives,” Janice said. “We talked every night and every morning, the phone lines were threatening to take us off! We were a hazard.”

The sparks flew, and Janice came up from Idaho to meet her man in person. Instantly, the two knew it was time. “It hasn’t been that long, since September the 14th,” Janice said. “We’re ecstatic and happy, and it’s what we want.”

Photo: Sarah Stiennon
Photo: Sarah Stiennon

Walt’s family and friends said that the happy couple was “too old.”

“But we’re not going to an old folks home,” Walter said. “We are as happy as can be.”

Indeed, the two are bringing their families together, and plan on taking this part of their lives together.
“Us old people are just going to have to get by on our own,” Walt says. “It’s our time now.”

Janice jumped in, “We’ve got kids and grandkids and great-grand-kids and it’s just awesome. I’m not going to say we’re lucky, I have to say we’re blessed.”

As the romantic duo picked out an engagement ring, here at Premier Jewelers, Janice teared up as Walt placed the ring on her finger.

Photo: Sarah Stiennon
Photo: Sarah Stiennon

“I keep pinching myself to check if I’m dreaming,” Janice giggled, as the couple perused some bands for him. It didn’t take Janice very long to find his ring, and what do you know? It fit Walt straight out of the case.

With his arm around his fiancé, he spoke to my heart.

“Life is short. What are you going to do with the years you have?”

Walt leaned over and kissed his bride to be, saying, “We don’t have any time to waste.”

Photo: Sarah Stiennon
Photo: Sarah Stiennon

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