David & Shanequa: Premier Memories


It was clear from the moment that David and She sat down for their interview that I was in for a story filled with love.

There wasn’t a beginning, middle, or end for the Kemp’s. They have been entwined for as long as they can remember. From homecoming to their wedding day, something told the two of them that they were meant to be.

The best part of the Kemp’s story is that it is in constant motion. The two have dedicated themselves to their faith, their community, and their growing family, and, amazingly, they still find time to continue to fall deeper in love with each other


You never know what you’re going to see when you put a couple in front of a camera. But, as I’m sure you can agree, David and Shanequa are as adorable in person as they are on the screen. Not to mention how well Shanequa is rocking her baby bump.

We wish all the best and congratulations to David and Shanequa! Enjoy this newest Premier Memories story. Watch the video now!

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