What They Want in a Ring

Let’s take the mind game out of ring shopping.

Let’s throw the pressure, and stress, and intimidation out the window, and focus on the real perspectives of couples and their rings.

We decided to take our ring-shopping knowledge, and dive into the minds of those thinking about what really matters the most for each person in an engagement ring.



Buying an engagement ring is the strangest purchase I’ve ever needed to make. I can’t drive it, wear it, or watch the game on it. I know it’s my only prop when I get down one knee, and I need it to sparkle. I need it to bring tears to her eyes.

And I need it to be in my price range.

I would by a diamond the size of my fist if I could, but I need to be thinking about our future together, and I’m not sure I can spend my savings on a rock. I’m looking for value, with a little reality thrown in.

At the end of the day, the most important part to me is that she’ll wear it. So maybe what I really want in a ring is her happiness.



The best part about the ring is that he picked it.

Okay yes, I really want some bling to show off to my friends. Let’s not rule out the wow and bragging factors. As much as I’d like to shrug off the importance of a (shiny!) material object, it would mean a lot to have a ring.

But this isn’t the only gift I’m getting, and what means the most to me is that he had me on his mind when he went to spend money on making a promise.

He spent time shopping and researching. It’s important to me that he thought about my style. He’s proving he has memorized my likes and my dislikes, and he’s making an effort to choose something that I will love.

What I want in a ring is detail, thought, and love. And some sparkles.


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