12 Signs It’s Time to Propose


How can you know when it’s time to Propose? These 12 signs may help you figure out where you are on the engagement front.

1. You plan future vacations together.

2. Their parents call you on a regular basis, and no one asks if you’re coming to holidays- since the family knows you’ll be there.

3. You can decide what to watch on Netflix in under ten minutes.

4. Your friends don’t ask about your love-life-drama, since they know you’re sickeningly happy.

5. All of your stories start with “we…”.

6. They’re the first person you talk to in the morning, and the last person you say goodnight to.

7. You know their phone passwords/apple ID/Facebook login.

8. You can sit in silence comfortably or talk for hours.

9. Spending a week apart feels like a year long separation.

10. You sign birthday cards together.

11. Your Facebook page is a photo reel of your adventures together.

12. You’ve started saying “ours” instead of “mine”.


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