7 Ways To Propose: Pros & Cons

Need some help with your proposal planning? We’ve got a list of the do’s and dont’s for some popular proposal ideas.

1.Treasure Hunt

You’ve all watched the YouTube videos of unsuspecting girlfriends following a trail of clues to the cleverly concealed ring box.

Pros: Points for creativity, and you’re sure to have some great footage to look back on.

Harder to plan, and if you over-complicate the hunt, it could take the magic away from the Big Moment.

2. Over Dinner
The classic dinner proposal never goes out of style, and let’s not forget hiding the ring in an edible surprise.

It’s intimate, low key, and easy to plan.

Cons: Biting into a bagel with a ring in it may not have the wow factor she was hoping for. And your special moment may be marred by a trip to the dentist.

3. With A View

Propose as the sun sets over the beach, or while you take in the breathtaking views of a hilltop picnic.

Pros: You can share an intimate moment, with a great background. Plus, proposal pics will look instantly Insta-gram-able.

Cons: You can’t always count on the weather to comply. We’d suggest checking for approaching rain storms before you weather that mountain with a ring in your pocket. Mudslide = romance?

4. With a photo/reel/album

Try your hand at scrapbooking your adventures together: and then end with a proposal page. Or maybe splice together a slideshow, and have the last be a photo of the ring.

Pros: It’s adorable, and a great look back on all the times you shared leading up to this day.

Cons: If you’ve only been together a short time, you may not have enough photo-memories.

5. Group Proposal
Gather your friends and family around to sing a song or hold signs to max out on the surprise factor.

Pros: If your families/friends are close, than this may be the biggest (and cutest) gesture to say “marry me”. Also, enlisting the help of family and friends can totally strengthen the surprise.

Cons: It may be too public, and perhaps they want their parents to know after the fact. (Especially if they’re not overly fond of you).

6. Write It Big
Try declaring your love with some large lettering. Graffiti a wall, carve the words in a tree, or draw it in the sand or snow.

Pros: It’s always a sweet surprise, and it creates the perfect cameo moment.

It may take some careful planning, and you’re going to have a spot you won’t get in trouble for marking up. (Not getting arrested for vandalism may be a priority for the moment).

7. Holiday Proposal
Hang a ring on your christmas tree, or loop the ring around a candle on your menorah.

Pros: The holidays are sentimental, and it could make the day extra special. Also, props and perfect moments are easy to come by on a holiday.

Your partner may suspect something, especially if you’re not accustomed to celebrating.


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