Caring for Your Engagement Ring

We know you want to keep your ring shiny, so try these tips for caring for your engagement ring!

Should I take my ring off when I wash my hands?

-Experts will tell you that the best way to keep your engagement ring shiny and new is to take it off when doing chores, or washing your hands, etc.

But if you’re the type of person who easily misplaces things, (no shame- we ALL do it), you should consider letting your ring accrue some wear and tear. Most metals will acquire small scratches and blemishes over time anyway- and it’s far easier to repair a ring than replace one completely!

Then how should I treat my ring for blemishes?

-Bring your ring in for cleanings. The best way to guard against dulling and tarnish is having your ring cleaned! You can do it yourself, OR bring it in to have it cleaned for free! We offer free cleanings for life with any ring purchase.

What is the worst thing for engagement rings?

-Certain cleaning products and harsh chemicals can damage precious stones. Consider wearing gloves when working with those things! Also, swimming in pools can really take a toll on the alloys in gold. We suggest you leave your ring off at the pool, but lakes and oceans are just fine.

Anything else?

-If you wear a lot of sunscreen, makeup, or dabble in painting or gardening, just make sure you’re wiping off your ring after those kinds of activities. Gunk can layer up on your stone, but again, a regular cleaning will restore your sparkle!


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