Cheesy Engagement Traditions That We Actually Love

We know that in 2016, some engagement traditions are a little dated. But that doesn’t mean we don’t secretly still love them! Here’s a few that maybe you can relate to…

Asking permission from the parents:
Even though it’s really a formality, asking her father, (or mother, brother, etc) is a sign of respect. It’s a demonstration of how he’s ready to include his soon-to-be-fiance’s family- and therefore become part of it. It’s also a BRAVE act, since dads can be totally scary…
Cheesy Factor: +6
Cuteness Factor: +8

Going down on one knee:
So it may be a little muddy, or it’s a really crowded restaurant. Should he really get down on one knee? Survey says…YES!! If he’s able and willing, it’s time to get on down there. Even if he wasn’t planning on making a big scene, this happy ending will not be happening if he ditches the knee drop.
Cheesy Factor: +8
Cuteness Factor: +10

Proposing with a ring:
Propose with a sparkle! A lot of couples go ring shopping together- so he may have already proposed sans-engagement ring. But if he is popping the question, he can tie a piece of string around her ring finger, or propose with a picture of the future ring.
Cheesy Factor: +2
Cuteness Factor: +9

Surprise her:
It doesn’t matter if she knows it’s coming: surprise her! Even if they’ve discussed it, couples can easily surprise each other with the special moment. Plan a perfect ending to a great date night- or surprise her when she’s least expecting!
Cheesy Factor: +5
Cuteness Factor: +10


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