What You Need to Know About Diamonds

“A diamond’s job is to sparkle”

When it comes to shopping for diamonds, the biggest questions should be: What do I actually need to care about?

Most stores (and diamond selling is a business, so we’re not going to blame them), will shower you with details about your cut, clarity, and color. But what they also try to tell you is that a newer diamond is worth the extra $ spend.

Um. Newer?

Folks, the diamond you pick out at the mall has been in the ground for over 1000 years. “New” by 20 years doesn’t really give any perspective.

That’s why if you’re looking to get the best ring for your money, you need to check out the design options. If you purchase a “used” (we call it Estate) diamond, you’re cutting the price of that piece significantly. That gives you far more wiggle room to get fancy with your setting, or extra stones!

And along those lines, there is absolutely NO downside to purchasing an estate ring. Seriously. If you really think about it, the history of a piece of jewelry is far more complex than just its’ previous owners. And chances are, your new story will become the most important part of that ring.

So when you’re looking at diamonds, look simply: look at how they sparkle. Imagine what you could do with it, and how you can fashion it in your own way. Size is an option, but it’s not the only factor when it comes to choosing your rock.


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