Tom & Jen’s Story: Premier Memories

Tom and Jen Collins radiate the kind of contentment only true love fosters.

The two met in high school and they shared an instant connection. They spent their teenage years going to football games, attending prom, and spending every day in each others’ company. Unfortunately, the story was cut short as Tom graduated. Jen was still attending school when Tom left to join the Service as a Marine, and the two ended their relationship with quiet heartbreak.

Over the years, their fond memories of a high school romance never dwindled. Tom was
determined to find Jen, and after twenty seven years, the couple was reunited.

But it wasn’t just a childhood dream that led Tom to Premier Jewelers. He wanted a ring for Jen to cherish, and a symbol for their continued commitment and love. After picking every diamond himself, he proposed, and Tom and Jen earned their happy ending.

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