Men’s Wedding Rings

When it comes to picking out a band, the dudes can have just as much fun as the ladies and their diamonds.


Metal Color

Just like engagement rings, wedding bands come in a variety of metals and styles. If you’re thinking of matching her engagement ring, Yellow gold, white gold, even rose gold, make great matching combos.


While most engagement rings range in setting style, men’s bands can vary in width. You could opt for a wider gold band, or maybe choose a thinner band made out of a stronger material, like platinum.



What? You get to be sparkly too??! Duh. Have some family heirlooms that didn’t fit in her ring? Add them to your band!


Most wedding sets are finished with a high polish- keeping the metals shiny. Some guys may not be used to wearing any adornments, so try having a matte finish on your wedding band. It can be an easier transition if you’re not the shiny type.


Want to get matching bands, but she chose a rose gold you abhor? Make your wedding set similar by engraving your wedding date on the inside of your rings. Or have her name in yours- the sky is the limit!


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