Spring: The Perfect Engagement Season

You may be thinking that spring is the perfect time to get engaged. We’ve come to that very conclusion, and here’s why!

Engagement photos:

Photographers will tell you that bright, natural light does wonders for creating the perfect photos. If you’re getting engaged this spring, get your photos done as the flowers begin to bloom and the weather clears up. It’s the perfect season for an outdoor shoot. BONUS: your skin always looks better in spring than in the dry winter months.

Spring colors:

Planning your wedding for the following year? Spring colors are the most fun to play with. You get to incorporate softer pastels like lilac grey and rose quartz, and work with big bold choices like snorkel blue, or flash green. This combination creates tons of choices to choose from.

Showing off the ring:

Don’t be shy, you know you want to flash your new sparkler at every stranger you meet. Best part about spring? NO GLOVES! Everyone can take a peek.

Spring savings:

When spring arrives, you’ve finally recovered from the holiday season, and with taxes safely filed away, everyone feels a little better financially. It’s the perfect time to start plans to save for a wedding, or the future honeymoon.


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