6 Ways to Keep Your Ring Budget

It’s not uncommon to get a little sticker shock from checking out ring displays. In fact, you may have started wondering if would be cheaper to stay single!?

But with this handy list, you’ll get the “yes” without filing for bankruptcy.

1. Pick a realistic number

Getting married can often be an investment in itself. Besides the ring, you may be planning on having a wedding, or buying a house. If you know exactly how much you can feasibly spend on a ring, stick to that number.

2. …And let your jeweler know that number

We get that you have a budget- in fact, it will help us narrow down your options if we know how much you can spend for your diamond.

3. Choose what is most important

You know her better than anybody: what part of the ring is most important to her? If she loves tiny details, maybe do a smaller diamond and get the band engraved. There’s lots of different ways to choose her ring. You can focus your budget on the parts of the ring that you know she’ll care about.

4. Know your metals

Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold and Platinum are increasingly expensive in that order. You can save some dollars when you decide which metal the engagement ring will be, but you may have to read up on what each metal is like. Try our quiz!

5. Avoid the mall

Stores at the mall may seem like a convenient place to shop for a ring, but the fact is, mall prices are deceiving, and you usually end up paying more for a lower quality ring. Plus, they charge more for custom designs if they do them at all.

6. Try an Estate piece

Try shopping for an estate ring.It can be the best bargain when it comes to easing up on your purse strings.


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