Top Engagement Trends of 2015

Happy New Year! With 2016 fast approaching, we’re looking back at the top engagement trends of 2015.

Halo Style

The Halo style engagement ring is still the most popular, with a centered diamond surrounded by smaller stones. Following the halo style, more couples are opting for different colored gem stones as their main setting stone as well. Don’t worry, traditional engagement rings never go out of style, and a solitaire setting is still a favorite.

Rose Gold + Yellow Gold

Rose gold has been trending as a popular metal choice when it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings. Apple even came out with rose gold options for the new iphones. While rose gold is still rising in popularity, there has also been a definite shift in yellow gold pieces. Is yellow gold coming back? Guess we’ll find out in 2016!

Social Media Engagement Announcements

Yes, it is the age of media- snap and share your ring pic on Instagram! Couples are choosing to give everyone the news at once, rather than calling every family member and friend individually. It saves some stress and time that could be spent enjoying the newly engaged bubble. For everyone not in a relationship, the out-pour of Facebook official engagement posts is a little under-whelming (and over-sharing).

Wedding Dates

This year June was the most popular month for weddings. Followed closely by May and August. It looks like February was the best winter date as well.


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