Summer: Our Favorite Engagement Season

It’s finally here! Bring on the vacation, sun, and maybe diamond rings? Check out why we love summer engagements.

Outdoor proposals:

Maybe he planned a perfect picnic, or a beach proposal is in your future. Getting out on a gorgeous day will make your special moment even bigger. Catch a sunset or go on a hike to have the perfect proposal view.

Engagement photo outfits:

Getting your engagement photos done will seem like way less of a chore when there’s a super cute sundress involved. Go wild with pedicures, beach waves, and sleeveless tops! Summer looks are the most fun to play with, and he’ll be thrilled he can get away with a t-shirt for the photos.

Engagement getaways:

After the tide of social media congrats has ebbed, you and your fiance will need some time to just enjoy each other before the wedding-planning-monster takes over. Ride out the engagement high and book yourselves a couple’s summer vaca. Rent a cabin on the lake, or check in to a resort for the weekend. Celebrate!

Summer engagement=summer wedding:

Summer is the most popular wedding season for a reason. Get the outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of, or feel free to have a nautical theme. We can’t stress enough: yay summer!


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