Proposal Do’s & Don’ts

This list of advice will change everything! Get your proposal right.

DON’T propose without a ring. An empty-handed proposal is SO not classy.
DO say the words “Will You Marry Me?”, it’s not cliche- it’s perfect.

DON’T propose after you’ve had a fight.
DO propose in a spontaneous moment.

DON’T propose if you’ve been drinking!
DO celebrate with champagne afterwords! 😉

DON’T tell her how much the ring cost.
DO show her all the details you picked out.

DON’T post a pic on Instagram before you call your family!
DO try to photograph the moment so you can share the adorable pics later.

DON’T make a huge gesture if you know she’s shy.
DO make a huge gesture if you know that’s how she rolls.

DON’T hide the ring in her food. That’s an accident waiting to happen.
DO take her out for a delicious meal afterwords.


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