Reasons Why A Girl Can Propose to Her Man

How do we feel about the lady proposing? We say…YES!

There are lots of good reasons why a girl can totally propose to her man. Here are a few:

1. The timing is right. His idea of “soon” may not be soon enough. Take the pressure off and take the plunge yourself!

2. You’re a bold, fearless, assertive woman, and he loves that about you.

3. You can go ring shopping together. He doesn’t have to sweat over rose gold or yellow- you’ll be able to design your rings with each of your tastes in mind.

4. You’ll plan that proposal PROPERLY. No poorly timed doves flying, or missed photo-ops. Let’s face it, you’re better at concocting clever surprises- show him how it’s done!

5. You can start the fun wedding planning right away. It’s totally okay to go dress shopping when you know what’s coming.

6. If you ask his father’s permission, there’s no way he’s saying no to you! Way easier than your man asking your dad’s…

7. You can make sure you look fly for the proposal snaps. No Instagram pic of you in your sweats- you’ll know to have the perfect outfit for the moment.

8. It will for sure be the best proposal story of all your friends. No competition!


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